Who We Are

At Equatel, we believe healthcare should be a human right and not a privilege depending on where you live.
Remote communities around the world are suffering from insufficient healthcare access. With doctors being attracted to the higher standard of living in urban areas and the concentration of primary care facilities there, physician density is highly disproportionate and residents of rural communities must travel long distances to receive basic healthcare.

Equatel Health allows doctors to diagnose and treat patients remotely and provides patients with immediate access to medical care, prescriptions, health alerts and education.

A user-friendly yet sophisticated interface enables health professionals to access patient histories immediately and diagnose and prescribe medication accurately.

NGO’s, private networks and ministries can input and track health data and statistics. Equatel Health means a healthier population, a resilient healthcare workforce and an accurate health database.

We provide the solution to healthcare inequality in one convenient and affordable package.
Our robust telemedicine infrastructure includes EHR medical management, medical diagnostics, video consultations and public access health kiosks and can be custom tailored for any environment. 

Our solutions can be found in:

workplace clinics icon smallWorkplace

Schools icon smallSchools

rural clincs icon smallRural

primary care clinics icon smallPrimary care

pharmacies icon smallPharmacies

hospitals icon smallHospitals

emergency care clinics icon smallUrgent care

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Download the Equatel Health Brochure here