Global Healthcare Evolution

The healthcare landscape in emerging markets today is fraught with challenges, ranging from shortages of physicians and diagnostic tools to a lack of basic physical infrastructure.

How does Equatel Health address the many landscape challenges with one central platform? Here’s a glimpse of the life-saving solutions we’re providing every day in both rural and urban Africa.

Kiboga Hospital, Diabetes Clinic

Kiboga Hospital’s new diabetes clinic is up and running, serving the residents of Kiboga Town as well as the greater Kiboga District.

The diabetes clinic is part of a wider initiative to tackle non-communicable diseases in Kiboga District by bringing routine healthcare and screenings to the district’s remote residents. The clinic already has 350 diabetes patients registered, most of whom live in the outlying areas of Kiboga District and receive treatment there at the hospital’s satellite health centres.

Diabetes is becoming more prevalent in Uganda but is preventable in most cases according to Uganda’s Health Minister, Dr Ruth Aceng. Attending the clinic’s recent launch event, Dr Aceng emphasised the role of health awareness and routine check-ups in diabetes prevention. “We also need to embrace early screening for diabetes to ascertain the blood sugar level. Available statistics show that 75 per cent of the disease burden in Uganda is preventable,” she said at the event, The Daily Monitor reported.

Equatel Health is proud to be providing digital health solutions for Kiboga District Hospital and its remote satellite clinics. Our EHR platform and integrated diagnostics are being used to treat Kiboga’s residents and manage patient records efficiently as well as screen and monitor patients for diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.