Corporate Health Clinics

Easy to install in any workplace setting, Equatel’s health kiosks run a sophisticated yet user-friendly e-health platform which is why health networks and companies are choosing Equatel for their workplace clinics.

Companies are seeing the benefits of providing employees with a variety of services within the corporate environment. The convenience of having daily errands taken care of during the workday creates a stress-free work environment. Following the same rationale, more businesses are opening corporate mini-clinics for employees to receive healthcare at the workplace.

Employees Benefit

Employees no longer have to delay important medical appointments until the weekend or waste precious work time travelling to see a doctor. Onsite no-wait appointments and longer consultations ensure a comprehensive and personalised healthcare experience.

Employers Benefit

Employers benefit from fewer sick days, lower employee stress rates, greater employee satisfaction and performance, a healthier workforce and an enhanced company reputation.