EHR Platform

Equatel’s Electronic Health Record platform offers an efficient, secure solution for managing and maintaining patient medical records, providing remote diagnostics, collecting and analysing patient data, assessing population health and more.

With its simple but intuitive interface, Equatel’s EHR platform is easy to learn and use. Our dedicated technical team will work with you onsite through the implementation process, providing training and customization to ensure a tailored and confident user experience.

 Multi User Permissions

Chief Corporate Manager
Chief Doctor
Administrative Doctor

 Coordinated Care
  • Consult with fellow health professionals.
  • Enhance communication within care teams.
  • Manage and track patient referrals.
  • Enable communication between doctor and pharmacist.
 Database Integration
  • Seamless communication and integration between existing in-office systems.
  • Integrate pharmaceutical drug inventory management and genuine drug verification.
  • Collaborate with hospital, primary care, corporate and emergency systems.
 Medical Data
  •  Prevent or manage epidemics by using health education and alerts.
  • Assess medical data to improve resource allocation and reduce costs.
  • Aggregate health statistics to advance pharmaceutical discoveries.
 Software, Security and Encryption
  • Consistent technical innovations and security updates for cloud management software.
  • Automatic monitoring by Equatel’s EMS platform providing constant up-to-date feedback on software connectivity and status.