Epidemics Management

Policy makers using our platform to collect and analyse data are better equipped to manage and control the spread of epidemics.

With accurate data, governments and health networks can understand the true burden of disease, prepare for outbreaks and direct resources where needed, minimising costs and saving lives.

Create and integrate reporting systems.

Receive accurate real-time health data.

Track outbreaks as they occur.

Create statistical reports for analysis.

Track costs and resources.

Anticipate outbreaks before they occur.

Health myths spread epidemics. The only way to limit their influence is by making accurate health information available to every segment of the population.

Via our platform, populations can be made aware of what measures to take to minimise contagion, whether vaccinations are necessary, which symptoms to look out for and how to act if illness is suspected. 

Information can be customised to the user’s location and health environment and include alerts to relevant outbreaks and other health emergencies.