Health Kiosk

Medical Infrastructure

Whether the user is patient, health professional, pharmacist or health network, Equatel’s EHR platform provides support for all parties ensuring a smooth-running medical infrastructure.

With Equatel’s public access kiosks, health networks are able to empower their health work-force by providing a secure means of communication between care teams, simplifying and enhancing collaboration between all parties.


A durable and sturdy device, Equatel’s public access e-health kiosk is  designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and is compatible with GSM cellular, WiFi and fiber optic connectivity. Essentially a solar-powered tablet built to function effectively in locations without electricity, it stays connected to the network up to 35 km from a base station. 

Logging In

Users log in to the system using a personal SIM or smart card. The card acts as a personal identification unit through the entire health platform ensuring a personalised and secure user experience.


Video consultation allows the doctor to view symptoms in real time. If additional checks (such as blood pressure) are necessary, the doctor can guide the patient through the use of the kiosk’s medical attachments and view the results on their personal screen. The doctor can also pull up additional content and display it on the patient’s screen.


Equatel’s eHealth platform provides up to date and relevant health education including tutorials on a variety of topics such as first aid, nutrition and fitness, regional health alerts, vaccination drives and more. Our public access kiosks are a convenient cost-effective way to channel vital life-saving health information to rural communities.