How Medical Education is Evolving

Digital technology has become a driving force in the healthcare industry propelling it towards the future. From robotic surgery and ingestible sensors to electronic health data and remote monitoring systems, medicine and healthcare delivery are evolving rapidly.

Medical education is evolving too as some universities are adopting pioneering approaches to physician training, introducing medical technology as well as telemedicine and EHR learning systems to the curriculum.

Diagnostics like digital stethoscopes or portable ECG’s and ultrasound units have been incorporated into anatomy classes to supplement textbook learning. By using these tools, students gain a better understanding of living anatomy as well as practical experience with diagnostics.

With EHR learning systems, students become proficient in utilising electronic records and data sooner rather than later. Once they become practicing doctors, more time can be spent with patients.

That’s why universities, anticipating the patient-centred, tech-based healthcare environment of the future, are introducing telemedicine to their curriculum with Equatel Health, giving their medical students the skills and confidence to become the doctors of the future.