Infectious Disease Management

Access to specialist care is the biggest advantage of telemedicine in treating infectious disease patients.

Both acute and chronic infectious disease care often require consultations or follow ups with specialists.

However most infectious disease specialists work in or near university medical centres which are not easily accessible to patients or doctors living at a distance.

Equatel Health users can video consult specialists through our public access health kiosks and EHR platform. Our certified onsite medical peripherals enable regular check-ups and screenings. With Equatel Health all the advantages of telemedicine in the management of infectious disease can be realised.

Late appointment arrivals and cancellations are decreased.

The hazards involved in travel are eliminated.

Levels of treatment adherence are higher.

Patients feel more engaged in their own treatment.

Did You Know?

An estimated 20 percent of infectious disease patients remain hospitalised for longer than necessary, putting them at risk for secondary infections.

When it comes to hospitalisation, infectious disease patients living in isolated communities are at a disadvantage. With a view to finding out how telemedicine could play a role in such situations, studies of a number of telemedicine trials yielded surprising results.

Patients who normally would have been hospitalised but instead were treated at home via telemedicine returned to normal function quicker than hospitalised patients. Patients who were hospitalised but treated via telemedicine from another hospital recovered sooner and spent less days on IV antibiotics than patients receiving in-person visits.