On-Site Diagnostics

Medical Peripherals

From vital signs monitoring to advanced diagnostics, we provide a range of medical peripherals which attach to the health kiosk and enable the diagnostic process.. All Equatel Health medical diagnostics are highly certified and fully integrated with our EHR system.

Readings are obtained immediately and automatically transmitted to the patient’s electronic medical file. This simultaneous flow of information saves time and ensures medical accuracy.

Wider Healthcare Options

On-site diagnostics save lives in hard to reach locations by expanding the options for emergency care as well as enabling long term health monitoring.

Offering advanced diagnostics opens up medical fields previously unavailable, essentially changing the healthcare environment. Doctors can provide healthcare in a wider range of fields from chronic disease management to pulmonology and oncology. 

We partner with leading medical tech companies to provide a range of highly certified medical diagnostics. 

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  • Mic-Fi-666x333
  • Bayer-Contour-Next-666x333
  • WelchAllyn-666x333
  • Better-Life
  • Ascensia
  • Vidyo-666x333