Equatel collaborates with international pharmaceutical companies, providing them with a virtual infrastructure in which to operate. Equatel’s EHR software includes all the tools necessary to supervise supply and distribution so that quality standards are maintained.

Drug Verification

Equatel’s health management software is capable of tracking pharmaceuticals through the entire process of transportation from the production source until the final customer.


Medication once received is recorded electronically and locked up securely. Verified pharmacies are equipped with appropriate facilities for storing medication in the right conditions.


Prescriptions protect the patient allowing them to purchase from verified pharmacies only. The patient presents their prescription together with their Equatel SIM as proof of identification when receiving medication.

Research and Development

Pharmaceutical companies can track population data and study it to discover what health issues need addressing with medications and vaccines. Studying information in real time allows development teams to understand what social and economic barriers on the ground influence pharmaceutical delivery.