For some remote communities, telemedicine may be the only way to access pregnancy care. For others, who only have access if they travel long distances to the nearest medical clinic, routine pregnancy check-ups are mostly overlooked. With Equatel Health, an expectant mother can access prenatal and paediatric healthcare services within the comfort of her own community.

Check in

After logging in with her own personal SIM card, she can monitor weight and blood pressure using medical peripherals attached to the kiosks and record the results in her medical chart.

Chat with a health professional

She can schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor, an obstetrician, a nurse or a specialist then attend a virtual prenatal check-up via video consultation.

Check up and monitor

The health professional may guide her through the use of advanced medical peripherals such as a baby heartbeat monitor or ultrasound, prescribe vitamins or medication and advise her on when to schedule the next check-up.

Keep in touch

She can choose to receive automated reminders for her next prenatal check-up, time related pregnancy wellness information or regional alerts.

After the baby is born, a mother can schedule and attend well-baby check-ups via the health kiosk. The baby’s weight, height and milestones can be checked and recorded using the kiosks medical attachments. Childhood vaccinations can be received on time and reminders for when the next vaccination and check-up is due. She can also consult with the doctor or nurse about any concerns she may have, all without having to leave the comfort of the village. Via the platform, she can access video tutorials about child nutrition, healthcare and first aid. She can also receive regional childhood health alerts and information. Equatel Health accompanies parents all the way through the stages of pregnancy and childhood, offering more than peace of mind.