Equatel’s prescreening kiosks facilitate a more efficient and streamlined intake process.

Emergency departments all over the world are notorious for long wait times. Staff shortages and paperwork contribute to slower patient intake and overcrowding, which leads to overworked health professionals, stress and burnout.

Utilising Equatel’s kiosks effectively, reduces patient waiting times and overcrowding, relieving staff workloads and allowing health professionals to focus on the next stage of care.

Arriving at the emergency department an ambulatory patient may approach the kiosk independently and enter their information.

During peak times or shift changes, instead of waiting for an on-site doctor, a patient can use the prescreening kiosk to video consult with an emergency care physician who may advise more tests, prescribe medication or admit the patient.

In addition to hospital emergency rooms, Equatel Health prescreening kiosks are an  invaluable tool in a variety of other environments and medical situations including ambulances, schools, primary care clinics and rural medical centres.