Rural Diagnostics

One of the many challenges of rural healthcare is limited access to diagnostic tools. Diagnostics are an imperative part of preventative care and health awareness but geriatric patients and children make up the majority of patients who do not travel for regular health checks, which is why rural diagnostics is so important.

Additionally, rural patients often require a differential diagnosis where the doctor must distinguish between diseases with similar symptoms. Without the necessary diagnostic tools, a doctor cannot confirm one disease over the other and must risk prescribing a course of treatment for the wrong illness. Advanced medical diagnostics allows for greater accuracy and reduces misdiagnoses.

Produced by leading medical tech companies, Equatel Health’s medical diagnostics are highly certified and fully integrated with our public access kiosks and EHR system. Readings are obtained immediately and transmitted automatically to the patient’s electronic medical file.

At the southern tip of Lake Malawi lies the town of Mangochi, home to 52000 people and one of the locations where we’re providing remote medical diagnostics.

Ranging from vital signs monitoring like pulse oximetry and thermometry to advanced diagnostics like ultrasounds and ECG’s, our on-site medical peripherals enable health professionals to provide long-term remote healthcare in many fields including diabetes, asthma, paediatrics, prenatal and obstetrics, basic and infectious disease management, geriatrics and more.

  • FDA or CE certified
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Blood diagnostics
  • Eyesight and hearing tests