There are many challenges involved in rolling out new vaccination programs in developing regions from supply and staff shortages to inadequate storage and transport facilities. Our platform facilitates a multi-tiered organisational approach for NGO’s and ministries to minimise obstacles and direct vaccination programs efficiently.

The Goal

Reduce incidences of disease, minimise the spread of epidemics and help NGO’s eliminate eradicable diseases like Polio from the world, once and for all.

More than a database…

Manage and record vaccination stock.
Track the transport of vaccines from verified sources.
Control how, when and to whom vaccines are distributed.
Discover where shortages occur, whether at national, district or facility levels.

As much as 1 in 5 children in Africa do not receive routine vaccinations. Equatel’s digital health and data solutions help ensure every child has access to the vaccinations they need.

The Strategy

Use information systems to prepare for vaccination programs and track real time data during campaigns in order to find and address immunisation gaps immediately.

More than a scheduling tool…

Organise health worker training prior to vaccination.
Monitor health worker distribution.
Activate social awareness campaigns.
Incorporate and synchronise multiple schedules e.g. health ministries, finance ministries and schools.

“Monitoring data at subnational levels is critical to helping countries prioritize and tailor vaccination strategies and operational plans to address immunization gaps and reach every person with lifesaving vaccines.” (WHO)